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How to build your house from Moveable Cubicle Containers

July 1, 2014 by Blog No Comments


Want To Build a House Out of a Movable Cubicle? Use These 11 Steps!

May 26th, 2014

Aside from transporting materials from one place to another, the movable cubicle can also be used to create a house. This will allow people to build a house that is within their budget.

People who want to create a house out of a movable cubicle should follow all of these 11 steps:

1. Design the house.

Determining how people want to live in a movable cubicle home should be the first step. They should start working on a floor plan after figuring how much interior space they need.

Using a 3D sketching program and detailed movable cubicle models from ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units) will help people design their house. They should ensure to arrange their cubicle in the 3D sketching program. Otherwise, these people will have no choice but to use their imaginations. They can look for other houses online for inspiration.

2. Consult an expert.

People should ask for a legitimate engineer for advice if they plan to remove any of the cubicle’s structural components. This will ensure that a removed component won’t harm them.

3. Buy movable cubicles.

Used cubicles can be readily purchased, but people won’t know what these cubicles have been carrying. Nearby and new cubicles can be found online. It’s best to buy local ones to allow easy inspection.

4. Create a foundation.

If people want toMovable Cubicle use poured concrete as their house’s foundation, they should embed steel plates into the concretes where the cubicle’s corners will rest. They can use piers as an alternative to poured concrete for a cheaper foundation.

5. Place movable cubicles.

Using a crane is the easiest, safest, and fastest way to place the cubicles on the foundation. A local builder can be hired so that the crane can be controlled properly. A specialized truck and a rough terrain forklift can be used as alternatives to using a crane. When the cubicles are placed on the foundation, a huge crowbar should be used to make final adjustments to the cubicles’ placements.

6. Connect the movable cubicles.

People who plan to disassemble their house should use large bolts to connect the cubicles to the metal plates. People who don’t plan to disassemble their house should opt for using weld to attach the cubicles to the metal plates.

7. Create a roof.

A simple low-sloped roof be placed on top of the cubicles because it’s the cheapest and the easiest to build.

8. Slice out the openings.

To create a passageway between cubicles, cutting and removing metals from them is the trick. This can also be applied to create windows and door openings to the cubicles’ walls. A plasma cutter or a cutting torch should be used to cut an entire wall. A jig saw and a grinder is best used to cut parts of a wall.

9. Seal the cracks that are formed from slicing cubicles.

A backer rod, caulk, and a foam sealant is needed to seal the cracks. The backer road should be inserted halfway into the crack located on the cubicle’s interior wall. The foam sealant should be sprayed into the crack after that.

The exterior crack should be layered with steel wool to stop rodents from destroying the foam sealant. Foam sealant should be sprayed after that. The backer rod should be layered next followed by a synthetic-rubber caulk.

10. Enclose the openings.

The walls must be attached to the cubicles using bolts, weld, and screws.

11. Include windows and doors.

Sliding glass doors are suitable for houses located in warm climates. Traditional doors with or without windows are best for homes located in cold climates.

These 11 steps will help people how to make a home out of a movable cubicle. They will appreciate how much money they will save after that.

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