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Renting M3 Containers….

Moveable Cubicle endeavors to bring only the best of its rental services to its customers and to provide the finest rental fleet in the industry. Depending upon your Storage needs you can rent our 20ft containers and 40ft containers at very low prices. Our storage containers have a solid sturdy metal exterior and large side-by-side easy opening swing doors. Our refurbished ISO containers can be customized to your needs and are versatile. You can rent/lease our on-site storage containers for short term as well as long term duration.

Moveable Cubicle’s container rentals are very efficient for both residential and business storage needs. Whether you are remodeling your house or changing your residence, handling your domestic goods like your electronics or furniture in such situation Moveable Cubicle’s on-site Containers will best suit your requirements. Our Storage containers come with a high security locking system for additional safety of your furniture/goods or merchandise and are wind & water resistant which makes them even more secure. Call us today to rent a container.

Whether you are expanding your business or renovating your office space or if you need space to store extra inventory, our ground level portable storage containers are the ideal solution for you. It is convenient to rent storage containers that will provide you on site easy accessibility in addition to being much more cost effective than renting a self storage unit or a warehouse that will meet your needs and budget, if you can find one.

Moveable Cubicle is an expert at providing you instant and inexpensive space and storage solutions. We understand your storage needs and present you the most appropriate solutions that will answer all your requirements.

Get in touch with us today for our rental services and rent a container today! We will take care of the rest. Call us today for a container rental quote.



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Construction Sites

Moveable Cubicle places a strong focus on providing excellent rental storage solutions for Home Storage and commercial Storage with the best service in the industry at the lowest cost. Our customer base is made up of hundreds of general and specialty contractors ranked on ENR’s Top Contractor’s Lists.


Retail Business

We understand the needs of our National retailers not only around the holiday seasons when inventory demands are high and we help them by providing solutions to reduce their overhead across the board with the increasing cost associated with storage. Imagine for a moment how we can help you reduce your year round Commercial storage container fleet along with reducing cost, by at least 30% to 50% in some instances.


Hospitals, Hotels and Small Businesses

We offer a low cost option to assist with your particular storage needs. Whether it’s for storing financial records, office supplies, furniture, medical equipment or if you are simply looking to expand your warehouse, renting storage containers from us is the best option …We provide very clean and completely refurbished containers at a very low cost. Call us today to rent a container and let us surprise you!


Schools and Government

Remodeling official buildings, Disaster relief needs: Consider Moveable Cubicle’s Storage containers any time you have a long or short term storage need. From remodels to warehouse expansion, to disaster relief needs…we’re here to assist you at every possible step. Just call us today to rent a container and our storage experts will take care of your storage needs and alleviate your burden.