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There is something about these Portable Storage Containers….

July 1, 2014 by Blog No Comments

http://swedupe.com/something-about-these-portable-storage-containers/ Something about These Portable Storage Containers May 26 by Bradley Underwood ————————————————- In a time where everything is getting turned portable, from barbecue sets to entire houses, storage containers have become quite a commodity. Either to be bought or to be rented, a portable storage container takes the lead in convenience. Here’s the top reasons why these storage options have become quickly popular and are sure to answer any transport and storage problem you have: • Versatility Having open options on what to store (without having to worry over what could be included or not), where (you can have them right there in your yard, in the garage or in secure storage spaces provided by the same company who got you the portable storage container) and how long will your stuff stay there (no one’s going to pressure you into deciding when and where to put what) is one of the most popular reasons for choosing this storage alternative. The convenience provided by the companies offering these services are continuously improving so you surely would find something that is an exact fit to you requirements. • Security Security is another big thing among portable storage options offered nowadays. Some of the more preferred types are made of steel with various security options like lockboxes that are tamperproof. If you are not sure about that, many services provide allowances for your own security measures, be it space for multiple padlocks of your own or some electric gizmo, you’d want to install on them. • During “Clear the House” Events o Moving Packing everything, finding out a way to actually transfer everything in the shortest time possible and unpacking during long-distance moves (and usually even on short-distance ones) can become quite a job. Service providers offering the use of portable storage […]

Which Storage Container is right for you?

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http://www.visayasbloggers.com/which-storage-container-is-right-for-you/ Which Storage Container is Right for You? May 24, 2014 Posted by Bradley Underwood —————————————- Having the most suitable Storage container for your needs can give you benefits. One of these benefits is that you are avoiding high costs. If you purchase the wrong one, you will probably seek for repair or modification services. Aside from service fees, you may also deal with shipment costs if you want to return it and purchase another one. In the process, you’ll waste time as well. The time spent for repairs, shipment and negotiating with your dealer could be enough time for you to modify the container to suit your storage, shipment or other needs. There are various kinds of storage containers these days. Shopping became easier because you can find a suitable one in no time. Below are the different kinds of storage containers together with their description and uses. 1.    Intermodal Container This is also called shipping container, ISO container, freight container, or simply container. Informally, many referred to this as sea can, conex box and hi-cube container. An intermodal Storage container is made from steel. The height and length of intermodal containers vary. These can go as high as 8 ft. up to 9 ft. and 6 inches. When it comes to length, the measurement starts at 8 ft. to 56 ft. long. As the nickname sea can suggests, these storage containers are usually shipped by sea. After arriving in sea ports, these are shipped to different places by means of shipping trucks. Because of its design and size, an intermodal container can accommodate almost all kinds of items ranging from food products to construction materials. It is also used to ship products from one country to another. If you have numerous large items to ship, you can rent […]

How to build your house from Moveable Cubicle Containers

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http://organicseoexpert.org/want-to-build-a-house-out-of-a-movable-cubicle-use-these-11-steps/ Want To Build a House Out of a Movable Cubicle? Use These 11 Steps! May 26th, 2014 Aside from transporting materials from one place to another, the movable cubicle can also be used to create a house. This will allow people to build a house that is within their budget. People who want to create a house out of a movable cubicle should follow all of these 11 steps: 1. Design the house. Determining how people want to live in a movable cubicle home should be the first step. They should start working on a floor plan after figuring how much interior space they need. Using a 3D sketching program and detailed movable cubicle models from ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units) will help people design their house. They should ensure to arrange their cubicle in the 3D sketching program. Otherwise, these people will have no choice but to use their imaginations. They can look for other houses online for inspiration. 2. Consult an expert. People should ask for a legitimate engineer for advice if they plan to remove any of the cubicle’s structural components. This will ensure that a removed component won’t harm them. 3. Buy movable cubicles. Used cubicles can be readily purchased, but people won’t know what these cubicles have been carrying. Nearby and new cubicles can be found online. It’s best to buy local ones to allow easy inspection. 4. Create a foundation. If people want to use poured concrete as their house’s foundation, they should embed steel plates into the concretes where the cubicle’s corners will rest. They can use piers as an alternative to poured concrete for a cheaper foundation. 5. Place movable cubicles. Using a crane is the easiest, safest, and fastest way to place the cubicles on the foundation. A local builder […]

Shipping Storage Containers

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http://www.lemurgene.com/shipping-storage-containers/ Shipping Storage Containers Posted on May 24, 2014 by Bradley Underwood ———————————— A shipping container is made with the strength and durability to endure shipment, storage, and handling; this ranges from the large steel boxes to the corrugated ones. These storage containers are usually used in intermodal shipments. There are a lot of types of shipping storage containers that exist. Corrugated boxes are containers used for shipping and are made of corrugated fiberboard. It is strong enough to handle shipment, and is also lightweight and recyclable. Wooden boxes are used in shipping dense and heavy items; the government and the military often make use of wooden boxes for their shipments. Crates are large containers used to transport large items; a bulk box is used in storing and shipping of items in bulk quantities. Insulated shipping containers are used for shipment of products such as foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. It is used to preserve a product’s freshness. An intermediate bulk container is used in transporting bulk materials and fluids. A system called containerization is used in intermodal freight transport. This utilizes intermodal containers made of weathering steel; these containers are loaded, unloaded, stacked, transferred from one transport to another, and transported over long distances. All of these are done without the container being opened. All of the containers are numbered tracked, and handled by machines such as cranes and forklift trucks. domain dns Containerization significantly reduced transport costs because it eliminated the need for warehousing, and did not make use of hundreds and thousands of workers to handle the shipment. It also reduced shipping time and reduced the chances for theft. Aircraft make use of a unit load device, or ULD, which is used to load and store luggage, mail, and freight on aircraft. Large quantities of cargo may be […]

The impact of Cargo Storage Container Use

http://www.lifeisstillsweet.com/the-impact-of-cargo-storage-container-use/ The Impact of Cargo Storage Container Use Posted on May 24, 2014 by Bradley Underwood ———————————- Imagine the world without a single cargo Storage container. Could you still get all of your favorite imported food products? Maybe you could, if you purchase them abroad by yourself. You may also get them by asking someone else who will travel to the place where your favorite food comes from. Your preferred store may still offer the food products as well. However, don’t expect theprices, supply and conditions of the food products to be the same when no cargo storage containers used. If your favorites originate from various places, don’t expect all of them to reach your preferred store’s stalls as well. It is also inconvenient, costly and time-consuming to travel just to get hold of all your favorite delicacies. If imported food products don’t bother you, how about medicines, appliances and the raw materials needed in the production of the goods you are enjoying? Cargo storage containers are also known as industrial shipping containers. However, the use of such storage containers extends has an impact from industries even to mere consumers. Aside from industries and consumers, there are also other sectors affected by the prevalence of cargo storage containers. Impact on Industries: Any business that wants to import or export raw materials or processed goods necessitates a cargo Storage container. This can either be rented or purchased depending on the shipping needs and budget of a business. The use of these industrial shipping containers offers various advantages. Importing less expensive materials mean reduction of production costs. On the other hand, the export of products entails more potential customers. The reduction of costs and increase in customers would result to more revenues. Aside from the financial aspect, cargo shipping also saves time. […]

How to Buy Portable Storage Containers?

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How to Buy Portable Storage Containers? How to Buy Portable Storage Containers? Posted on May 26, 2014 by Bradley Underwood      ——————————- It is essential for any individual who plans on buying portable storage containers to first do some research and read before actually purchasing a unit.No one wants to find out that money was wasted just because a storage container with the wrong size or the incorrect type has been paid for. Although many would say that a portable storage unit is affordable, it is still not so cheap that it’s fine to recklessly spend money on it.Many would say that portable storage units have come a long way. This is basically because these units are now made from gauge steel, which is strong enough for holding heavier household items such as sofas and desks. One good thing about the latest models of storage units is that a homeowner can request for air conditioning, heating, and even lighting to be installed inside the units, making them more bearable. Since there are several companies that offer portable storage containers, it is crucial for a homeowner to look into some factors before making an informed decision on which one to purchase. A homeowner must check the correct sizes of the larger items that are planned to be stored in the unit. This will help one in determining if he should opt for the larger units or the smaller ones. The truth is a homeowner can choose from storage containers that are available in 10”, 20” and 30” sizes. There are some companies who manufacture 40-foot storage containers. Another important factor that must be taken into consideration is the estimated weight of the items that will be stored in the containers. This ensures that a homeowner is choosing a portable storage container […]

A user’s Guide in dealing with common problems of storage Containers

July 1, 2014 by Blog No Comments

http://delightfuldozen.com/a-users-guide-in-dealing-with-the-common-problems-of-a-storage-container A User’s Guide in Dealing with the Common Problems of a Storage Container Bradley Underwood | May 26, 2014 | Comments Off A secondhand Storage container can serve different purposes. The good thing is that a lot of these are sold at reasonable prices. However, the less expensive storage containers are attached with some problems. As a wise buyer, don’t take these problems as entirely disadvantageous. These problems can reduce the selling price of the shipping container. You just need to assess whether or not these problems are manageable or not. If you think you will end up with more problems than an expensive price, then don’t consider buying the shipping container. The common problems of storage containers are enumerated below. Some of which can be easily handled but a few entail challenges in dealing with them. 1. Pungent Odor Before buying a shipping container, inspect it by yourself first. You have to make use of your senses, most especially your sense of sight. But even your sense of smell can serve you right in the process. It works fast even if you aren’t aware of it. As the freight container’s Storage containerdoors open, the odor inside will easily reach you. If it smells terribly, there may be harmful microorganisms left inside the freight container. It will be best if you look for other options. Make an inquiry regarding the goods kept inside the available freight containers. If the goods are less likely to be exposed to microorganisms, it may have no to tolerable odor. To further ensure that a Storage container is free from harmful objects, you can hire freight container inspector. Aside from determining such, he will be able to help you look for problems and ways to deal with them. Whether your freight container has no […]

Moveable Cubicle obtains the Better Business Bureau Accreditation…

June 1, 2014 by Blog No Comments

Congratulations, Moveable Cubicle recently obtained the coveted Better Business Bureau Accreditation. domain name data .

Moveable Cubicle Presence increases in North America

May 9, 2014 by Blog No Comments

Moveable Cubicle  has been adding new yards in different states as it is expanding its presence on the North American continent. Check our “Locations” option from the top menu to find the closest Containers Yard to your home. We are offering you a responsive and interactive set of maps as well as the complete list of our locations in North America.

New Management at Moveable Cubicle in 2011

April 5, 2014 by Blog No Comments

In 2011, new management took control of the Moveable Cubicle company, establishing and focusing on two essential components of the business, in order to become the leader in the domestic container industry: 1) The creation of a flexible and adaptable business model, which integrates the wholesale and retail rental of cargo containers, while offering all customers the lowest rental prices in the industry, guaranteed. 2) The establishment of a quality, nationwide wholesale/retail sales program that creates a win-win situation for both the suppliers in the worldwide container industry and consumers in the general public. site down .