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There is something about these Portable Storage Containers….

July 1, 2014 by Blog No Comments


Something about These Portable Storage Containers

In a time where everything is getting turned portable, from barbecue sets to entire houses, storage containers have become quite a commodity. Either to be bought or to be rented, a portable storage container takes the lead in convenience.

Here’s the top reasons why these storage options have become quickly popular and are sure to answer any transport and storage problem you have:

• Versatility

Having open options on what to store (without having to worry over what could be included or not), where (you can have them right there in your yard, in the garage or in secure storage spaces provided by the same company who got you the portable storage container) and how long will your stuff stay there (no one’s going to pressure you into deciding when and where to put what) is one of the most popular reasons for choosing this storage alternative. The convenience provided by the companies offering these services are continuously improving so you surely would find something that is an exact fit to you requirements.

• Security

Security is another big thing among portable storage options offered nowadays. Some of the more preferred types are made of steel with various security options like lockboxes that are tamperproof. If you are not sure about that, many services provide allowances for your own security measures, be it space for multiple padlocks of your own or some electric gizmo, you’d want to install on them.

• During “Clear the House” Events

o Moving
Packing everything, finding out a way to actually transfer everything in the shortest time possible and unpacking during long-distance moves (and usually even on short-distance ones) can become quite a job. Service providers offering the use of portable storage containers make everything easier by providing you with the containers, leaving you to pack at your own pace, transport them either to storage or to your new residence and then let you unpack peacefully by taking their huge boxes leaving you with a disorganized pile to become another disorganized pile in the house.

o Home Staging
If you’re trying to sell your house while you’re still in it, that doesn’t mean you can just let your prospective buyers see that awful mountain of clutter. Make your home more attractive by clearing away your treasured mounds of stuff, organizing them in those rental storage and make your home like one of those model houses in the magazines. Those ones that appears so immaculate it seems no one lives in them?

o Renovations
Rather than letting your mess, memory items get damaged by on-going renovations in your home, consider storing them temporarily, either in your yard or in the storage facilities, than leaving them lying right where they are.

• Cost Effective

You’d think it’d be such a waste of money to rent or buy a portable storage container, but if you think about all the storage remedies you pay for all through your residence, moving and resettlement, you’ll see how much more cost efficient it is to invest in these storage options.

• Weather Issues

This one is simple: weather-proof. What more could you want? Storage facilities and even the containers themselves are usually resistant and sometimes even insured against the forces of nature. Neat feature, huh?
Here are the factors you need to consider in choosing the right potable storage container (whether you’re planning to buy one or going rental) for your needs:

• WHAT: are you going to put in these containers. There are now companies that have a wide array of storage sizes available. No need to rent the bulky house-sized ones to keep your bikes dry.

• WHERE: are you going to place these containers? Many companies that offer them also have storage facilities where you could have your box kept safe and snug. But you could also chose to have in one of the quiet corners of your property. banking Decide first where you’ll have them placed so they don’t get in the way of planning later.

• WHEN: What is the time frame you’re going to need the storage? Is it just for moving your things to the new house? Or is it going to become an extension of your home? Consider this one well before deciding whether you’re going to buy one or just rent.

• OTHERS: You have to plan well when you’re doing a project and considering your storage options along with them is a must. Check out everything you’ll need so you won’t have to rush anything at the time when you have little time.

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